Men's Guide to Staying Fashionable While Traveling

When I left home on my open-ended trip to Australia, I took five pairs of shoes with me.

‘What to wear in Thailand’ is answered with 2 quick questions. What’s appropriate in a modest country? And, what clothes suit Thailand’s hot, humid climate? It’s easy! Use this What to Wear in Thailand guide and the Thai dress code won’t be a problem. Find out what to wear in Bangkok, at temples, at the beach, and beyond. Plus, get tips for ideal fabrics, the best shoes and more.

Now, as I prepare for my trip to Southeast Asia, I've been forced to consider what I need and what I don't, and I've downsized from an 80L backpack (yeah, I know) to a 50L.

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  • Wear dark pants and bright-colored shirts, or bright pants and dark-colored shirts.
  • A casual t-shirt with a design can't be worn to the club, and a dressy t-shirt with designs can't be worn to the beach.
  • You want a pair that is well-constructed and isn't going to break down after heavy wear, but also ones that are stylish, fit your body shape well (important!) and can pass for casual or fancy dress.

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